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Explaining Venopi's Updated Policies

Venopi is an online marketplace to help you find great spaces and connect with amazing hosts. We want to facilitate one-of-a-kind unique experiences. In order to do that successfully and make everyone happy, we all have to play by some rules. This is to ensure that all parties involved, Venopi, hosts, and guests are protected.

We recently updated our services agreement and it is important that our users understand the terms and conditions as it governs the use of our platform.

We have created this brief explainer to highlight what you need to know. Of course, we strongly recommend that you read through the full document for legal reasons, but we want to help make it simple and easy to understand.

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Georgia Kattenliefhebber

What is Venopi and How Does it Work

When Ivana first envisioned the concept behind what would later become Venopi, she wanted to build a simple and user-friendly platform for users to find venues for events. After experiencing the difficulty of finding a location to shoot a short film firsthand, Ivana was surprised to discover that no platform existed to browse potential venues and compare prices. Convinced that creating a solution for people to easily find locations for any occasion would simplify the process of event planning, Ivana decided to build it herself. 

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Georgia Kattenliefhebber

Venopi Attends YCombinator Female Founders Conference

Earlier this month, Venopi had the opportunity to attend the Y Combinator Female Founders Conference in the Bay Area.

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Venopi is a Finalist for the TEDxAmsterdamWomen Start Up Award!

We are pleased to announce that Venopi is a finalist for the 2018 TEDxAmsterdamWomen Start Up Award The TEDxAmsterdamWomen Start Up Award is an annual event that invites promising start ups to pitch their idea in front of a jury of experts, investors, advisers, and members of the press.

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Georgia Kattenliefhebber

Venopi loves Pipes & Beans!

Welcome to Pipes & Beans, a quality coffee store located near Hoofddorplein in Amsterdam, where entrepreneurs Maikel van Rooij and Iteke van Hille have converted an old tobacco shop into a cozy cafe! This comfortable and contemporary setting could be the location for your next event!

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Georgia Kattenliefhebber

Amsterdam Pride 2018

This past weekend, one of the biggest celebrations of LGBTQI+ equality took place in the Netherlands. From July 28 until August 5, Amsterdam Pride 2018, took over the city! The nine day festival, beginning with the Pride Walk and opening celebration at Vondelpark, was a well attended and atmospheric event.

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Georgia Kattenliefhebber

Venopi loves Day Made!

This week we are featuring the latest listing on Venopi, Day Made, a specialty espresso bar and gallery located on the corner of Jan van Galenstraat and Willem de Zwijgerlaan in Amsterdam West. Inside the espresso bar and gallery is light, spacious, and organic venue that could be the perfect location for your next event!

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Venopi taking on The Next Web 2017

What happens when you drop two fierce Venopis right in the middle of the Battle of the Sensors? They get to the finals of The Next Web 2017 hackathon, that’s what happens! We are pretty proud of this, and here’s a little sneak peak in what we worked on. As you may know TNW holds a yearly conference in Amsterdam, but not only that - they also organize “kick-ass hack battles”.

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Location. Location. Location.

No, no, this is not your random hipster laptop-screen-lit-in-the-dark stock photo. Truth be told, we do work mostly at night. Well, at least most of us do. We are a busy bunch, trying to make a damn fine idea happen. And so our after-work hours tend to get busy. Those are great evenings filled with discussions, Skype calls, code writing, decisions, endless UX debates, copy, Slack and, well, human fuel (aka food).

But… What is this, how did we get here and what have we done so far?

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