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    Connecting people to places in a sustainable way

    Supporting local businesses

    Supporting local businesses

    We support local businesses by providing a platform where they can list their commercial space for anyone to browse and book.

    Supporting local businesses Supporting local businesses Supporting local businesses Supporting local businesses

    Empowering new businesses

    We empower new businesses by helping them find affordable and unique spaces to try out their idea.

    Creating a community

    Creating a community

    Together, we are creating a community for space sharing. Join the collaborative consumption movement and book a space on Venopi.

    Be a part of our community for sharing space

    At Venopi, we believe that we can bring people together in meaningful ways through space sharing. We want to help connect people to places to pursue their passion. We partner with like-minded people who want to be a part of the collaborative consumption movement.

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    Suggest a venue

    Can't find your favorite venues on Venopi? Let us know! We're gonna make sure they're on our list soon.

    What they say about us

    Thanks to Venopi, I was able to rent a commercial kitchen where I can bake my Swedish buns. As a freelancer, this was ideal for me! Thank you for the help, Team Venopi!

    Umeå Bakery Isabell | Owner
    Umeå Bakery

    I love to work with Venopi. They are fast, consultative and always find the right spot in town for us. I am blown away by their service. Venopi truly kick ass in the sharing economy space. Thanks for being so awesome!

    Amsterdam Flower School Sofie | Founder
    Amsterdam Flower School

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    Awesome connector

    Venopi values flexibility and we make sure to offer the kind of service we like to receive ourselves, which is why I love working here. The energy and dedication of the team are incredible.



    Sunshine mascot

    I believe that transparency and networking should be integral parts of any company. Venopi combines these and offers a powerful solution for venue owners and location seekers.

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